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Capturing, Managing, and Utilizing GeoSpatial Multimedia Data for Collaborative Field Research.

The GeoVisuals software system and a Web-based GeoVisuals Data Repository bridge the gap between the diversity of researcher needs and data infrastructure challenges often encountered "in the field". The computing infrastructures help domain researchers and decision-makers capture, manage, query and visualize such big, dynamic data to conduct exploratory and analytical tasks. The utilization of the tools spans across disciplines as diverse as anthropology, clinical health, criminology, disaster management, epidemiology, geography, planning, and sociology. GeoVisuals is developed with collaboration from many domain researchers in academia, various branches of government, and non-profit sectors. It is shared to users as public-licensed software with free access.

  • User can upload 1 video at a time limit at maximum of 5GB each. (Currently support .MP4 or .MOV file types)
  • User can also upload geospatial coordinates in .CSV or any associated contextual information along with it.
  • User has maximum of 100GB repository space.
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